Dear Neighbor

The Sound Shore is a wonderful place to live, work, and raise a family. I am running for County Legislator because I am concerned about several issues that Westchester is facing and our Sound Shore in particular. As a local businessman, attorney and active member of our community, I believe that I have the skills necessary to address these issues.

Westchester County has the highest taxes in the nation. The cost of County government is simply too high. While our taxes support many worthwhile causes, we all know that many people have been fleeing Westchester to Connecticut in recent years because of the taxes. We must hold the line on taxes or people will continue to flee our County.

I also believe passionately in protecting our environment. We are fortunate to be surrounded by the natural beauty of the Sound as well as many outstanding parks and beaches. As your County Legislator, I will make sure that the County does its job in maintaining our public infrastructure so that the Sound is protected, our beaches remain open, our low-lying areas are protected from flooding, and our quality of life is preserved.

As for economic growth, I am for right-sized developments. My brother, Chris, and I were pleased and proud to purchase and renovate the Mamaroneck Train Station and return this valuable asset to the community. I am AGAINST over-development and FOR right-sized development that fits within the character of our community.

As a local land use attorney, I also understand our local zoning laws and can help the County navigate through the difficult issues it faces in complying with the HUD Settlement. As a former President of Habitat for Humanity, I also understand affordable housing. On the County Board I will work with HUD where appropriate, but I will oppose any efforts by HUD to usurp the control of our local zoning and remake the Sound Shore with directives from Washington. We need to get this right.

Another thing we need to get right is Playland. Under County control, Playland is losing $3 – $5 million per year. I like the concept of a “Sustainable Playland” that grew out of the local community. I will use my business, development, and legal experience to make sure a “Sustainable Playland” is truly economically and environmentally sustainable for generations to come.

These are just some of the issues we face. Westchester is a special place and I am deeply committed to keeping it that way. As a member of the County Legislature, my commitment to you is that I will work hard every day to protect this special place we call home.

Thank you for your support.






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