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Putin the Pundit

PutinWelcome to the new Red Scare. The charge is that Putin and the Russians hacked our emails and that changed the results of our elections. I am still having a problem understanding how he did it – not the hacking, the changing the results of our elections.

Certainly we should all be concerned that the Russians are hacking our emails. I would assume we are trying to hack theirs, as well as wiretapping and surveillance and the like. Isn’t part of our national defense trying to find out what the other guys are up to? In fact in recent days there is ample evidence that it has been going on both ways between the US and Russia. So much for state secrets.

But back to changing our election results. After the election, our U.S. intelligence community releases a report that the Russians had hacked the emails of the DNC and it had an effect on our elections. But it didn’t say how. The report assured us that the voting machines themselves were not hacked. So that begs the question, how did Putin effect our elections?

We all know what happened. Donna passing Hillary the test questions, Debbie not playing fair with Bernie, John Podesta telling his friends in the media what to write, and Julian looking through Hillary’s friends’ lockers and finding the notes they were all passing under the table like a couple of grade-schoolers. But if the “Putin effect” on the election was the skillful timing of the release of these damning emails, then forget Kelly Anne Conway, Vladimir Putin is the greatest political pundit in or out of America.

Apparently Putin timed the release of the damning emails so perfectly that it sent Bill scrabbling onto Loretta’s plane; Comey deciding not to indict, but then reconsidering one month before the election (and digging through Anthony Weiner’s porn-filled laptop – yuck); and all timed so that the American people thought all of Washington was corrupt. On political messaging, this Putin guy is good.

Look, I know the venom for Donald Trump runs deep and I get that. I know being Anti-Trump is the New Black. But there were many reasons that Trump won and Hillary lost. It was the people in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and other parts of the Rust Belt who were hurting for jobs. I don’t think Putin had his finger on the political pulse of Michigan.

No, the simple fact is that the “assembled arrogencia” - the mainstream media, the pundit class, and the condescendingly confident Team Hillary got this election wrong – and that is hard for them to accept. Their collective credibility is shot. The NY Times, the Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, NBC and all the rest got it wrong.  Even Fox was surprised. The balloons never fell from the glass ceiling at the Javits Center and the rockets red-glare did not shoot over the Hudson River. Apparently Vladimir Putin from his chair in Russia had more influence over the opinions of the American people than any American pundit.

So here is a little ode to our our arrogant pundit class – the big buck cable analysts who are not always right, but are always certain:

Anderson Cooper did not see it coming, Rachael Maddow was driven to tears; Not even Brian Williams could have made this one up, not in a million years.

James Carville thought it was stupid, Chris Matthew found it hard to believe; John King had no maps that pointed, to a result that no one could conceive.

Wolf Blitzer put a panel together, Chuck Todd spoke to folks in the press; But no one they knew would tell them, that their polling was all such a mess.

Even Hannity’s head could not square it, Megan Kelly was rightly surprised; The idea sent O’Reilly spinning, about a result that no one surmised.

So forget our regular panel, For the answer, here’s now our guest;  Because when it come to political pundits, Vladimir Putin is America’s best.




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